Friday, March 29, 2013

Decisions, decisions. . .

So, I decided to put my visit reviews on hold momentarily to write down/think out my decision. In the beginning (well, when I started this blog), I thought going to an MBA program in 2013 was out of reach. I guess it still may be as i havent yet been accepted to any of these schools that i am about to mention. However, I feel good enough about my odds of admission that I am starting to weigh them against one another.

New Orleans!!!!!
Student managed fund AND equity research program
Able to do a regular corporate finance track and an energy finance track in 1 degree
Multiple international trips as part of curriculum

Most expensive school with smallest median salary & bonus
Farthest away from family and friends

Highest ranked program of the 3
Best on campus recruiting
Best salary numbers
Seemingly large amount of financial aid available, even in second year if I didn't get it at first
Closest to family & friends
Cheap cost of living

Very high percentage of foreign students (over 50%)
Not a great location
Without any type of aid, could still be over 100k in debt

Least expensive of the 3
Salary numbers comparable to Purdue & better than Tulane
Very highly ranked accounting program with opportunity to double focus accounting & finance
Cheap cost of living
Also close to family & friends

Location: least appealing of places I've visited. Not as far away as Iowa but not as much going on
Less financial aid available

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